When I say "let's be friends," I mean it. I truly believe there are few things in this world more powerful than human connection. The more friends you have, the more opportunities come your way and the greater support you'll feel. Although I love to travel solo, I also love to meet people all along the way. Below are the upcoming trips I have scheduled, and more will always be added. If you're in any of these areas during these dates and would like to get together for coffee, a cocktail, conversations about the universe, my hysterical jokes, and/or the okay-est advice I've got - let's meet up!

Savannah, GA

June 22, 2018


Chicago, IL

August 10, 2018


Asbury Park, NJ

August 18, 2018



St. Augustine, FL

September 23, 2018


Birmingham, AL

November 10, 2018


Florence, AL

November 11, 2018