Accidentally Propagating Succulents

prop·a·gate | verb

  1. 1. breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock.

I really love gardening but sometimes I'm bad at it. Sometimes the planting and growing process comes easily to me, as if my family had raised me around creating things with my hands (which they have), and sometimes... all the leaves fall off my otherwise healthy succulent (which they did.) 


Before & After

It turns out succulents are nature's little sponges and are really great at holding water. Water such as the kind that falls from the Florida sky everyday in summertime. My sweet little succulent drank all it could hold until it's cute little limbs just popped right off. I assumed this plant's fate would be the mound of dirt in my backyard where I toss all my failures in botany until one day I noticed something amazing (and tiny) happening to my pile of succulent leaves.

They were sprouting! From the ends of nearly every leaf there were roots and the beginning of entire succulent plants. I was THRILLED.

I'd been hanging onto these glass containers that my Oui by Yoplait yogurt comes in for absolutely no reason, until now! I added a small layer of rocks to the bottom of each cup because there are no holes like a traditional pot would have for drainage, then loosely filled them with potting soil.

On the top of each I inserted the leaves - point down, sprout up. With between three and five leaves in each, I am hopeful the cups will be brimming with new plants in no time.

The internet tells me you can also just lay the leaf down on top of the soil, so I added a few like that just to cover my bases, as I'm super invested in this propagating project now. Stay tuned for updates on my little nursery!

PS: Look who else joined the propagating party (also by accident)!