Hello and Welcome!

Camping alone through Iceland for eight days in 2017


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This baby has been a longtime coming and I'm so very happy it's finally here. As I've been typing, clicking, dragging and dropping my way through the process of starting a blog and exposing my life to anyone who might like to see it, I've realized the importance of sharing real stories about real people on a platform that is largely fake. Sure I'll edit my photos and post more good than bad, but my goal for this blog and my entire life is to anchor my ethics, morals and goals in the bigger picture in order to lead a life full of joy, peace and fulfillment. I promise to always be an honest blogger and would truly like to make meaningful connections with anyone that's interested.



Ways to connect


I will be posting weekly about all sorts of topics (see below!)


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Meet Ups

My major case of wanderlust has me trekking anywhere and everywhere. If you should find yourself in the same location as me, let's grab a coffee! Hop on over to the Meet Ups page to see where I'll be next and RSVP to get together.

Now, onto the main event: my blog! See below for a brief break-down. 



what you can expect from this blog

Travel (Travel, and more Travel)

First and foremost, I am a solo traveler. In 2017 I flew a total of 11,340 miles - a number some may envy while others will scoff at but either way, it wasn't enough for me. I am always on the move and constantly amazed by what I see. On every trip I take I try my best to always find A) a record store, B) a used bookstore and C) an old cemetery. My bucket list is a mile long, features very unique destinations and is always growing. I often travel to see live music - my other passion - or simply for no reason other than to move. In this section of my blog I'll be bringing you along with me in my travels, sharing tips and showing you the best taco joints, hidden record stores, underground museums, spooky graveyards, beautiful hiking destination, breathtaking waterfalls and so. much. more.  

See Travel for more



Even though I live so much of my life out of a suitcase, I still have roots, a home, some pups, lots of books and a garden, among other things. I'll be sharing with you various parts of my lifestyle including my commitment to cruelty-free beauty, sustainable commerce, supporting local businesses, equality in all human rights and crucial environmental impact best practices. 

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For me, health isn't limited to how many times you get sick each year or how much you can bench-press. I believe in a holistic approach to overall health that considers our minds, bodies and souls. In this section we will discuss mental health, including personal topics such as my ongoing battles with anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, and more; physical health regarding fitness as well as the things we put in our bodies, various ways of healing and the of course, body image; and we'll also get into spiritual health, and the patterns and movements in this universe that effect our daily lives.

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In my opinion, blogging is very different than writing. As I write my blogs, I am taking information I've learned, experiences I've had or just products I enjoy and telling you about them. Which is great. But it's different. When I'm writing - really writing - I'm pouring myself onto a page. In the Journal section of my blog you'll find my creative writing, poems, etc. They might not always come with a clear picture of the topic or meaning, but they will always be from the heart. 

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Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more categories to come!